Make a difference in your community.

Like us; really like us!

Go to our Facebook page. If you “like” us, you’ll help spread awareness to more people.

Share a good pro bono story on our Facebook wall.

We may be able to use it in a grant. Funders like heartwarming anecdotes that show that an organization or its volunteers are effective. Plus, we all need a little inspiration now and then.

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend us your IT people!

Or your marketing director, your graphic artist, or even your cleaning people D10 isn’t quite a one-man band, but it’s a 2.25-man band, and we sorely need expertise!

On a related note, website tech or update help would be most wonderful.

The 21st century is an awesome place…or so we’ve heard.

Choose your trust account by how much your bank pays in IOLTA.

D10 and its sister programs are funded by Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts. (IOLTA). You probably know that putting your trust account in an IOLTA-paying bank is mandatory, but attorneys don’t often choose a bank based on IOLTA rates. Thus the IOLTA rates paid by banks are dismal and non-competitive, and our funding is low, low, low.

Email for a complete list of banks and their IOLTA rates as of June 20, 2010.

Office supplies, office supplies, and oh, office supplies

Our office supply budget is small. Chances are, if it’s been used in an office in the last 10 years, we could use it. Also, you can deduct your in-kind donation from your taxes.


See above.

Know a guy? Or a gal?

If you have a retail connection, we’re looking for merchants who will give us free or deeply discounted goods and services that we can use to say “thank you” to volunteers or partners. Anything small that a lawyer or community partner might appreciate is good, such as gift certificates, food, beverages, meals, car washes, haircuts, etc.

Old library materials? Whiz-bang forms?

We’ll use them it to teach volunteers. Plus our latest Indiana Legal Directory is from 2006, and that’s just sad. Caveat: We do have really limited space, so electronic or digital media is preferred to books in most cases.

Report your pro bono work.

Even if it’s not one of our sponsored programs or a case we gave you, we report all pro bono work to the Indiana Pro Bono Commission, which funds us accordingly. We survey every March, but you can report pro bono hours throughout the year, through our online survey, by emailing, or by calling (812) 339-3610.

Host a recognition dinner for us!

With budget cuts, we are looking for hospitable sponsors who will provide space, food and beverages, or any combination of the above, to help us celebrate our best asset: Our volunteers!

Get in touch

Diane Walker, D10 Executive Director                                                             812-339-3610                                                       

Rala Williams, Wabash Valley Program Coordinator (Clay, Sullivan, Vigo Counties)                                                                                                               812-229-2798